Pudding and Carolina (sweet_ecstasy) wrote,
Pudding and Carolina

its too late to fight.

doctor diagnosis: concussion;i can play on FRIDAY! vs. Moorestown. although i wont play all that much b.c imjust coming back after being off for 2 weeks. :(

this friday;license WOOHOO. the test made me nervouuuusssss, but i still did good parallel parking, even thogh it took me three tries. after the test, our basketball team went to see GLORY ROAD. and the old people in front of us had to move three times. :( and then, after practice, i of course, went to work, as per usual.

saturday; game vs. RV. i obviously didnt play, and we got KILLED. there were no positive points. then that night jamie, courtney, my sister and i went to see TRISTIAN AND ISOLDE. and we saw Alyssa and Mauro there. i loved the movie, and i will be seeing it again, soon.

sunday; work, then team sleepover at inaras. there are just too many inside jokes, i will not bore you with them. there were, however, phone calls and love confessions. haaaah.
today; since no one really slept last night, practice was pretty lame. i have to say, since i couldnt do anything, i put my feet up and...slept. yes, thats right.

game tmrw vs. Northern. this should be a good one.
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