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let's find out.

New Year's! yaaaay. im not seeing the point of the celebration, but it's fun nonetheless.
i went to jamies around 9 and Lisa came to get us to drive the 10 ft to Michelles house. Only Jess was there when we got there, becasue she practically lives there. Eventually Phil came, and we just hung around until 1030 when everyone else came. I think the grand total was: me, jamie, michelle (knee brace and all), jess, lisa, phil, karl, matt, josh, sarah, john, french, manhoney and erin. we ate, and talked and karl and phil ran around shirtless&screaming at midnight. and we tried to sleep, we really did, but jess' laugh and creepy karl reared their ugly heads. plus, jess does NOT LIKE IT when other people BREATHE, so that made it harder.

donuts,bagels&encino man, this morning.

driving test:12days!
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